Mural Decor | Decorative Walls

Muraldecor is an innovative concept of wall decoration. It is a product composed of a PVC profile that is fixed to the entire periphery of the surface to be decorated and a screen that is fixed and tensioned to the profile throughout its perimeter.

1º – Take measurements of the space for the production of Mural Decor.

2º – Choose the image that will be printed on your Mural Decor.

3º – Print your Decor Wall with the appropriate measures.

4º – Assembly of the Decor Printed Mural.

1º – Placement of the Profile around the wall where will be placed the Mural Decor.

2º – Clipping of the Decor Mural in the applied profile.

3º – Trim the Decor Mural at the end of the clip in the profile.

– Most harmonious and cozy place.

– Custom wall to your liking.

– Protect or hide wall where will be applied Mural Decor.

– The Mural Decor can be changed at any time, taking advantage of the PVC profile placed.