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  • Where can a TECTEND stretch ceiling be installed?
    A TECTEND stretch ceiling can be installed on any indoor ceiling within a home: Living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens with lamps or spotlights, but also in more humid rooms such as bathrooms, indoor pool rooms, changing rooms, and SPAs. We provide adapted technical solutions, which are always confirmed by TECTEND professionals on-site. Where there is an indoor ceiling, a TECTEND stretch ceiling can be installed
  • Are TECTEND stretch ceilings washable?
    Yes, TECTEND stretch ceilings are washable. To wash them, you can use household cleaning products or one of our TECTEND products.
  • What is a TECTEND stretch ceiling made of?
    TECTEND stretch ceilings consist of three components: 1. The track is applied on the wall or ceiling; 2. The PVC fabric is then attached through welds; 3. The perimeter harpoon welded to the fabric is then attached to the track. The tracks used are made of PVC or anodized aluminium.
  • Can a TECTEND stretch ceiling be installed on a sloped ceiling?
    Yes, of course. TECTEND stretch ceilings can be adapted to any shape of ceiling thanks to their elasticity and flexibility.
  • Do TECTEND stretch ceilings have thermal insulation qualities?
    TECTEND stretch ceilings contribute to thermal insulation thanks to the layer of air trapped between the existing ceiling and the stretch ceiling. This space can also be used to install complementary thermal insulation, which will be covered by the stretch ceiling.
  • Can light fixtures be installed on a TECTEND stretch ceiling?
    Yes, light fixtures can be installed on a TECTEND stretch ceiling. Whether pendant lights or recessed spotlights, the choice is up to you.
  • Does installing a TECTEND stretch ceiling affect building work being carried out?
    No. ln fact, a TECTEND partner installer can install a new (25m2) ceiling in 4h without absolutely no dirt or mess.
  • Where can I find a TECTEND partner installer?
    TECTEND employs technicians as part of its staff, providing all clients with supply and assembly services for their stretch ceilings.
  • How much does a TECTEND stretch ceiling cost?
    There's no standard price for a TECTEND stretch ceiling, as each TECTEND stretch ceiling is unique, manufactured exclusively to fit a specific space, with a specific finish, number of angles, and optional extras (built-in lighting, TEC/GRAPHIC prints, TEC/ACOUSTIC etc.). The complexity of the installation will also factor into the price. To find out how much a TECTEND stretch ceiling will cost you, requesta free quote for the supply and assembly of your stretch ceiling. For a free, no-commitment quote, email us at To highlight a room, change its colour or size!!
  • Are TECTEND stretch ceilings resistant?
    Yes, TECTEND stretch ceilings come with a 10-year warranty, protecting welds and against tears.
  • Can a TECTEND ceiling be installed on a wall?
    Yes, and you have 2 options for doing so: 1. Using our TEC/FABRIC range, a PVC-coated polyester fabric perfectly adapted to stretch walls. The fabric used can be printed, producing decorative walls. 2. Using our PVC stretch ceiling range.
  • What is a stretch ceiling?
    Stretch ceilings are traditional ceilings provided in matt white or other colours. A stretch ceiling can have acoustic, antimicrobial, or any combination of qualities. lt can be flat or take different shapes. AII our ceilings are custom-made, prefabricated in our factory, and installed by a professional.
  • What is the minimum height required to install a TECTEND stretch ceiling?
    AII we need is 2cm to install a TECTEND stretch ceiling.
  • Do TECTEND stretch ceilings have acoustic qualities?
    Yes, TECTEND uses micro-perforated fabrics. The only company on the market to microperforate fabrics up to 5m wide, TECTEND produces excellent absorption results, which has allowed us to gain the respective acoustic certificates.
  • How is a TECTEND stretch ceiling installed?
    A TECTEND partner installer: - Produces ceiling designs from the measurements taken on-site; - Has each stretch ceiling tailor-made at the TECTEND factory (Leiria, Portugal). Each TECTEND stretch ceiling is unique; - The technician then attaches the track to a wall and << clips >> the harpoon onto the track. This operation is carried out on heated fabric to ensure flexibility.
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